Quick Lamb Curry…..

Cooking curry could be very traditional to some people and they rather not cook till they have peculiar ingredients like Turmeric available….but there are easier ways to get the perfect result without going so traditional.

With few lamb chops, meat stork and Curry powder, you can have the best curry ever made in 15 minutes.
Simply boil the lamb in spices such as thyme, stork cubes and salt. Add very little water to the meat so it can boil in its own moisture.

When the meat becomes tender, Grate a bulb of onions, grate one clove of garlic, grate some ginger into it, add 3 table spoons of oil and let it boil for 2 minutes.

On the other hand, pour like 3- 4 table spoons of curry in a bowl, add some tomato puree into it and mix into a paste with little water. Then turn this into the boiling meat stork, add so more water and let it boil till the oil begins to separate from the curry. Add you seasoning and stir till its ready.

Serve with Savory rice and chips if you so desire..