A little love letter to you mum…..if not for you there would be no OFooDi…..

Dear Mother of mine,
Thank you for being such a wonderful woman in my life
Thank you for being Gods gift to me
Thank you for your prayers over my life
Thank you for your encouragement
Thank you for your money also…lol
Thank you for collaborating with daddy to bring me into the world…*Winks*
Thank you for transferring your incomparable cooking skills to moi and allowing me to waste your ingredients on endless cooking practices…
…….thank you for letting me burn your food and knowing what it tastes like
….thank you for the knocks when i had too much water in the Eba and Dodo was never brown …..
So much to thank you for mum……
…may this new year you have started lead to greater heights and more achievements….. Amen
Loads of Love from your Children..Olasunkanmi, Dideolu,Oluwafolahan, Oluwayemi…….ooxoxoxoxo