There is a lot of food ambiguity when it comes to the food business, what is healthy and what is not?

Certain foods trend all over the internet has being good for your health and years later researchers and scientists discover they are not as healthy as they thought.  Who exactly are the researchers and scientist? And who funds these researches. The most important thing to note is that you are responsible for your life style and food choices.

The food business uses a lot of marketing tactics trying to convince customers they get value for money paid and this can impact life style and choices.

However, the population of the world runs into billions that need to be fed. There is a need to find the ability to reach as many of these billions as possible. Most times this is done by re-creating food in the strangest way legally just to meet these demands.

What is paramount is to know where your food comes from, what you eat and how it is made. Some of the foods we believed came from certain places did not start from there as food has moved with different people around the world. After Columbus discovered the Americas foods have moved all over the place. (See article on the origin of food).

Agriculture has moved into new dimensions too through the introduction of improved seed varieties to small holder farmers. This variety helps them harvest quality and healthy crops particularly in Africa. Some of this seeds have been enhanced using genetically infused techniques and breeding methods to meet demands.

The foremost question to ask is if there are consequences to these methods? Looking at how scientists have changed their minds over time, no one is sure about the answers we have now.

It is the same with the food and cooking technologies being designed for convenience at home? There are some that are tagged safe, would they always remain safe? We never know what new research findings might say.

A way forward would be to stick to more natural foods than processed foods. Cook meals properly and store properly. Eating the right portions and basically doing things moderately. Physical rest and lots of water are also necessary. Most importantly, actively engage your brain and mind positively.