Gosh!!! its been a while, mixing a career and business is not an easy task, it takes Grace. Been writing articles but not had the time to upload them….well yayyyy the time is now lol. On that note I would be sharing recipes as usual, thoughts and experiences of the food world.

Today’s article is an unusual one…..”The Routine fever”….

Rice–Pasta-Chicken-Chips, Rice-Pasta-Chicken-Chips ‘AND’ Rice-Pasta-Chicken-Chips.…it might not be this bad for you but trust me you can find yourself eating the same thing over and over again.

                                                             Scenario One:
You have a full English breakfast all through Monday to Friday and then continue the following week.
                                                             Scenario Two:
Probably you have to sleep early to get up really early for work or you have loads of activities lined up and the only fast food in your fridge is Bread….you then eat Bread,all through 4 weeks for breakfast.

                                                             Scenario Three:
The only thing nice your canteen at work sells is Chicken and chips with no half portions but only LARGE portions then you have this all through four weeks with a fizzy drink. Then for dinner just ram some more bread in your mouth!!!!.
……………………..With all the different types of food in the world you have to be kidding me!!.

First things First, You need to create time for yourself. If you are single, you are able to cook faster the many varieties you desire, you have a lot of time. You are spending less, and you are cooking just a portion so don’t be lazy. If you cant cook cos’ your career is really demanding, buy variety or employ a cook and if you have a family, think like you are cooking for an audience you want to impress and let the creativity in you explode.

Don’t be carried away with the hustle and bustle of work, internet, activities and all and not have time to walk to the nearest store and give yourself a feast….

There are options that can spice your taste buds, from prawns to crabs, fish, muscles, periwinkles, snail, lobsters, lamb shoulders, chicken thighs, drum sticks, Chicken feet,etc..all these would give an idea of a proper meal to cook

At least twice in 5 days break the routine of eating the same thing over and over again……….
Yours truly,