I wanted a different meal for lunch as i was bored with them rice, pasta,chips chicken burgers and them lot…..then i remembered seeing some Oyinbo’s lunch the other day while waiting to use the microwave.. it was filled with diced chunky beef, chunky potatoes, gravy and onions…i remember not liking my lunch any more..i had  to speak to him….

The conversation………
Me:     Hi…..that looks really nice
Him:    Thank you, my girlfriend made it last night, its just beef stew, potatoes and vegetables..
Me:     Uhmmm that sounds yummy
Him:    Yea it is……
Me :    Nodding and smiling
Him:    so what do you have there….
Me:     #confused ..how do you mean?
Him:    What do you have in your own food pack?
Me:    Oh mine….ehn some white rice( as a nija girl)…..
Him:   WHITE Rice!!!
Me:    Yea boiled rice
Him:   Oh you mean boiled rice.?
Me :  Yea with some sauce and Chicken….
Him:  That sounds really great…..
Me:   Indeed…..#laughing inside and feeling sorry for my lunch….
Not that i didnt like my lunch…but it was obvious i liked his lunch more……ofoodi for you!lol.
So i decided to make a replica of what i saw and came up with this. Though i am missing parsnips, baby onions and carrots.
it took me about 20mins to make,
 I simply boiled beef till al dente  in water, added thyme, curry, white pepper,stork cube and salt.  
Added diced potatoes, (6 to 5 potatoes would do for 300g of steak/beef.)
Then cut medium sized onions into 4 (dont chop it) and added to the boiling beef and potatoes
Added 3 table spoon of blended pepper. Added chopped garlic and chopped ginger.
Then added a tiny drop of oil and allowed to boil till potatoes got soft and gravy thickened.
To eat along side this i boiled a few baby corns in water added salt and a teaspoon of margarine
I would leave you to make your own serving suggestions…….xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx