One very important secret of good cooking is the type of oil being used.
The oil gives it aroma, taste, colour and juice.
To get quality perfection use oil flavoured with aromatic food stuff such as Chillies, garlic, herbs and onions. This makes the food richer and cooking less time consuming and from the very beginning, gives a savoury taste and luscious look to your cooking.

For a dish of vermicelli noodles to serve a portion of one, simply boil noodles till its al dente, then set aside. To bring out its greatness, pour a tablespoon of garlic olive oil in a separate wok, chop ginger into the frying oil, add some prawns, diced beef, mushrooms and chopped peppers. Add your seasoning (Salt,stork cubes, curry,thyme etc.) let it fry for like 5minutes,dress with rocket leaves or spinach, add noodles and stir fry till you can’t take the aroma any more and start to eat…..uhmmmmm deeeliiiiciousssss!!

Flavoured oil is ideal for any pasta dish, roast potatoes, roast meat or fish and is highly recommened for grilling……..