Some meals get so boring, like the options you have are so little you either fry up or stew up. An example is boiled yam and boiled plantain. Very few options are available to eat with. Its either sauce or eggs.

I decided to explore more sauce options and stumbled on something interesting. I learnt this 2007 during my service year in Bayelsa Nigeria and it hasn’t departed from me. *wink* 

Introducing The Eggplant Sauce, popularly known as Garden Egg Sauce in Africa.
Eggplant is also called aubergine, melon gene, garden egg, guinea squash or brinja. It is mostly eaten as a fruit in Lagos and rarely cooked. For most Europeans and Americans it is a major recipe for Ratatouille and also common in vegetarian dishes.
My Recipe : How to make garden egg sauce with scrambled eggs

8 -10 Garden Eggs. ( preferably use the large white and green ones commonly found in the Eastern part of Nigeria)

A bulb of onion (Chopped or sliced)
2-3 cups of Blended Peppers (Combination of tomatoes, hot chili peppers and Bell peppers)
Half Teaspoon of Thyme Spice
Seasoning cubes or mixed seasoning spices ( Preferably fish spices)
3 – 4 pieces of dry fish
A teaspoon of locust beans
2 – 3 cooking spoons of palm oil (Measure according to your preference, it could be lesser)
Salt to taste.
3 Fresh eggs
1 table spoon of vegetable oil
Half a tuber of yam or simply 5 – 6 slices of Yam.


Boil garden eggs in water till it gets soft
Rinse with cold water, peel of skin and then pound with mortar and pestle, set aside.
Pour palm oil in a frying pan or wok and fry till it bleaches.
Pour your chopped onions in it and fry slightly, add locust beans and stir
Pour your fresh blended peppers in
Add dry fish or any variety of your choice e.g Beef
Add pounded garden eggs
Add your seasonings and salt to taste
Fry for 10 minutes till pepper and garden egg is well done.
Whisk eggs and fry in oil. Keep stir frying till egg scrambles.
Add eggs in already done sauce and simply stir together.
Serve with boiled plantain or boiled yam.

Bon appetit