An extreme change of weather, like limited sunshine, constant rain and wind, can make you feel under the weather particularly if you are not prepared. The next thing you are battling with is a flu with symptoms of blocked nose, runny nose, sore throat, body pain, headache and loss of appetite combined. Not a pleasant experience as most times you are stuck in bed, taking pills with a cloudy head and a sluggish mood.


The good news is, there are other ways to feel better and the most highly recommended way is Food.
The best meal for a wet and pooly season is a Spicy hot pepper soup, with either fish, beef or chicken. Add onions, garlic and ginger to make it more medicinal, add scented leaves like EFIRIN and thyme to give it an exotic taste and a mouth watering aroma.

Here is a menu for other meals you can eat:

  •  A boiled egg sandwich
  • Spicy yam porridge with boiled egg, 
  • Spicy beans pudding with garri (cassava drink), 
  • Porridge oats with lemon or lime
  • Stir fry spinach in chilli sauce (Efo riro) with stodge
  • Boiled white rice with palm oil stew
  • Boiled plantain with palm oil dip
  • A jacket potato with beans 
  • A spicy steak and onion pie with  gravy.  

The variety could go on and on.
 Here’s the trick, any food deliciously sloppy, spicy, pasty, soupy, marshy and sippy will do just fine.
Taking vitamin c at least 3times daily is highly recommended. Hot beverages are no exception.
 Eat a lot of  fruit like banana, water melon and oranges as this helps build your immunity against cold influenza and the likes. Besides, you are also meeting the daily requirements of your vitamins and minerals.
Take a lot of water, stay away from dust and that should do. Nourish yourself and feel revived and revitalised.With Good food there is always a smiley face……

Does a pepper soup dish have to be spicy because it’s called “pepper soup”? Your thoughts please:)