For that  moment you just wana grab a quick lunch, nothing so elaborate yet enticing enough to start a refreshing weekend, satisfying, yummy and aromatic with a savoury  taste, just think “fish and chips”.  Rather than grabbing it from a fast food joint which is no doubt faster, you can make it. To make it look as good as the one you eat out? then you need a batter. Washing the fish and frying it alone wont give you that desired fast food result.

Cod fish

The most popular kind of fish used is a cod or haddock. You can also use some kinds of fish except for freshwater fishes like Catfish, Salmon, Trout etc. The regular Titus, Shawa and kote which is common to Africans from the western region can also be used.

                                     Quick preparation steps


  • 4 x 175g of fish ( defrost fish, wash  thoroughly, cut the head off then cut fish open vertically from the top, remove bones, wash till clean and leave aside)
  • Flour 225g for dough and 150g for coating the fish or dusting
  • A pinch of salt, 3/4 table spoon of  chilli, 2 tablespoon of vinegar, 1 table spoon of food colouring (optional), 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  •  1 seasoning cube e.g knor or maggi, 1 teaspoon of parsley leaves or thyme, chopped garlic, chopped onions, chopped ginger, 
  • 1/2 a litre of Soda water or sparkling water, 
  • 2  litre of oil.

Procedure: How to make the Batter.

  • Pour flour in a large bowl 
  • Add vinegar
  • Add  food colouring (the food colouring is to give it that perfect deep golden yellow colour),
  • Add baking powder, 
  • Add chilli, salt, garlic, ginger, parsley or thyme, onions, seasoning cube 
  • Add enough soda or sparkling water to mix the dough. Pour water gradually and mix till it becomes creamy, not pasty, not watery…..but creamy!. 
  •  The best way to get an effective creamy dough is to mix using a hand blender, whisk, hand mixer (like the ones used for cakes), or a wooden spoon. Which ever utensil you use mix thoroughly.

Heat oil on 190degrees for 5 minutes in a large frying pan. Make sure the oil is enough for the fish to swim in it.

  • Deep fish in flour till its fully coated. 
  • Holding by the tail, deep fish in  creamy batter till it becomes fully coated.
  • Gradually deep into the frying oil still holding by the tail.
  • As you gradually put the fish in frying oil, the fish would absorb the oil and as it rises to the tail, drop in  the oil. ( that way the oil would not wash away the batter from the fish).
  • Leave fish to fry till its golden brown..then its ready!

The best kind of Chips?…home made chips! Whether chunky or slim Chips?….. it taste perfect. Wedges?this could do sometimes.

To get to that height of total satisfaction, eat accompanied with coleslaw….now thats a yummy yummy relief!

              Do have a wonderful Easter break.