Orientating Local Communities about Food, Nutrition, Health and Well Being is an integral part of our mission towards an End to Malnutrition, Hunger and Poverty.

The Ofoodi Farmers Market Day Nutrition Programme is a concept initiated to empower the populace on Sustainable Nutrition, Healthy and Variety Eating, Healthy and Variety Planting and ways to Fight Malnutrition and Hunger. 

This initiative tackles the major problems in Food Security such as Access, Availability, Utilization, Affordability and Stability. It brings exposure and information to local communities about food items, where to get them, their nutritional value, how to use them, how to preserve them and not waste them. Then we give them for free.

The North Central,Abuja Nigeria, experienced first hand  fresh farm produce being distributed in their community for free.

They were educated on the health benefit of different types of food, vegetables and fruits. Radish, EggPlants,Courgettes, Cantaloupes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Parsley, Leeks, Spring Onions and lots more. Cooking tips were giving, food management and Preservation tips were given and also financial economic lessons were given on how to shop right and overcome expensive food items.

A Fruit, Vegetable and Nutritional Survey was administered, through the use of Questionnaire’s. This gave us an adequate data on food exposure in the Apo Resettlement Community, Abuja, North Central Nigeria.

We believe that an Africa with ZeroHunger is achievable and We are visioned to Endmalnutrition in Africa and globally. We believe in a healthier Africa for a progressive Human Development and Human Capacity Building. This is fundamental in our projects and initiative. Exposing the African community to the necessary information for a Sustainable Development and Progress!

Families came with their shopping bags and had a weekend to remember!