This meal contains a staple that is different from the regular Rice-Potato-Wheat-Corn commonly cooked and eaten amongst most families in the world.

My recipe and meal contains Unriped Boiled Plantain, Cut Fresh Spinach Vegetables, Steamed Croacker Fish in Tomato Sauce, Garnished with Bell Peppers and Onion Chops, Glaced with Fresh Lemon Fruit and Cucumber Chops.

It has an amazing taste and aroma. Highly nutritious and very healthy with a combination of Vitamins, fibre, protein and less fat. There is so much advantage this single meal has.

It is inspired by the #HealthyNotHungry challenge in line with the World Food Programme and Sustainable Development goals to ZeroHunger in the World

It’s recommended as a healthy staple, a great alternative and variety to include in family meals.