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Ever wondered why most ladies from the Eastern part of Nigeria have good nails, good hair, glowing skin ? It’s the veggies they eat and the highly nutritious ingredients they use in cooking. So i decided to explore and stumbled on this recipe i am yet to get over. The combination of it’s ingredients is ecstatic, from your market shopping you are already salivating, the aroma is distinct, whilst cooking even hubby knows something different is happening in the kitchen!
Oha Soup

Introducing OHA SOUP…..food for the champions..*winks* 

Oha Leaves
Baby cocoyam
Beef, goat meat, dryfish, crayfish
Locust beans
Uziza (Piper guineense)
Stock cubes
Beef seasonings



Chop Uziza leaves, set aside.


Oha/Ora Leaves

Pick oha leaves, cut and tear with finger tips from bottom to top, set aside

your can tear into smaller pieces

Soak and break dry fish in warm water and set aside

Dry fish and stock fish

Boil baby cocoyams without peeling in little water till its tender (not so very soft)

Baby cocoyams

When its done, peel baby cocoyams and pound into mash with mortar and pestle, set aside in a warm place to keep it from getting cold.

Mashed baby cocoyams

Boil beef and goat meat in a sizable pot, depending on the quantity of your beef add measurable water, add beef seasoning, stock cubes, spices such as thyme, curry, basil,onions and salt to taste.

Goat head

Start boiling the hard meat parts first for like 10 minutes, gradually add the soft parts and the dry/stock fish,
also add dry pepper, crayfish, locust beans and chopped uziza leaves. Leave to boil for 10 minutes.

Add the baby cocoyam mash (this serves as a thickner for the soup) into the boiling stock, add palm oil, and leave to cook till cocoyam paste dissolves. If cocoyam lumps remain scoop with a serving spoon out of the pot.

Cocoyam thickner in sauce

Now add the cut oha leaves, stir together, leave to simmer, check for taste and it’s ready.

Oha Soup

Its best served with Fufu.