The beginning of food is since creation, as God created a whole lot of variety in the Garden of Eden. The same way it’s important for man to breathe, is the same way its important for man to eat *winks*. Its not a surprise that scriptures mention food from time to time, it only emphasizes how essential it is for man to feed well. Remember the “Manna” story that the scriptures describes as being like a coriander seed and taste like wafers made with honey..(Ex16:31)..uhmmm… Yummy! it was pounded, baked in pans and even cakes were made out of it..uhmmm!! and the taste? I can only imagine!!.

Dont forget how the children of Israel wept, threw tantrums, cried to Moses when they remembered the Fish, cucumbers, melons,leeks, onions and garlic they ate (while in captivity oh!!lol) in the land of Egypt. Or how Adam was so hungry that he collected the apple,( Dear Eve, you are my inspiration)!
Lets examine the parable of the yeast where the kingdom of heaven is likened to a yeast a woman uses in making bread…. or songs of solomon….where a man is being “strengthened with raisin cakes, refreshed with apples for he is weak with love”… (Oga…Just Wondering)….or in 2sam17:28, where cooking pots,serving bowls, wheat and barley, roasted grain (agbado), cheese, sheep, goats, butter and even Beans! were brought for David and his men, to help their hunger and quench their thirst after a long march through the wilderness. 
The irony of all is you eat with your eyes even before you get to taste, you swallow more than a couple of times just because you smell the aroma….
Watch out for this space, as we would be exploring food combos, twists, styles and traditions ……..