Lime, lemon and berries which includes Raspberry, Blueberries, Strawberries etc, are very handy fruits for enhancing your general health and well being.

This recipe is recommended for those who love sweet and sour taste in foods.

This particular recipe is tangy and if its too strong add a bit of natural honey as a mild sweetner.


2 Regular sized Limes

1 Regular Size Lemon

A small Cup of freshly squeezed orange juice or your regular packed size orange juice sold in supermarkets.

A cup or hand full of Mixed Berries, Preferably Blueberries and Raspberries.

How to Prepare:

1)Wash all fruits and set aside.

2)Pour orange Juice into blender

3)Add the berries,

4)Squeeze out the lime and lemon juice with its bits

5)Simply blend altogether till its all crushed.

and its ready!!!

This is just a guide line on how to prepare, it doesnt really matter what goes into the blender first.

If its too tangy or taste too strong add a bit of Honey or more orange juice.

It taste really great when served cold.


To utilize your left over fruits turn them into Juice.

Daily nuggets -lime,lemons,berries grapes,apples,bananas,cucumbers,nuts. In Summary- Yellow,green,red,purple,Orange,burgundy,pink….whatever colour of fruit slush it all together.Yum!!
“Lime Lemony Berry Juice”
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